Thank you for supporting CoolxDad. 

Here some of the ways your monthly or one-time donation benefits our mission: 

  • Supports impactful community initiatives like Color Box, our annual holiday gift drive
  • Supports community-building events for families and fathers in Houston, such as Knight’s Table communal dinners and free family portrait sessions
  • Allows us to continue hosting free financial and business literacy workshops to help families build generational wealth
  • Allows us to provide mindfulness and mental health resources geared toward men of color and including free, fun learning events like Open Source
  • Allows us to continue growing and expanding our impact for years to come

CoolxDad's vision for 2024

Please use this donation option if you would like to support CoolxDad's vision for 2024. We're building Healing House, the first-ever CoolxDad HQ a multi-functional and multi-disciplinary space that will be a hub of health & wellness, community, partner, and brand events as well as cultural programming. 

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Code of Honor: Support CoolxDad

Please use this donation option to give a regular or recurring donation to support CoolxDad's mission of aiding and uplifting all fathers of color striving to build a better world for their children and serve their communities.

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