$15 Haircut for Selfcare: Love of self is often said to start from inside out, but too often, how we view ourselves can remedy or rock our self esteems. A haircut can humbly change someone's week extra special.

$25 Father/Child Meal for Family Engagement: A very famous thought leader gathered his friends together for Friday dinner and said famously, “Do this in remembrance of me.” “This” in fact was sharing quality time with his loved ones over a meal. $25 would enable a CoolxDad to bond with his/her children over a fully-funded meal to nourish bodies and spirits together.

$50 CoolxDad + Contemporary Arts Museum Houston Family Day: Growing as a family is often directly joined to learning new things as a family, and there’s nothing more vast in the world of education than the arts. $50 would allow a CoolxDad and family to personally share in the learning of arts programming and curations at the renowned Contemporary Arts Museum Houston.

$75 CoolxDad Book Club Membership: A gift of $75 sponsors a CoolxDad's gained entry into an exclusive CoolxDad book club to foster new relationships through the love of reading, while covering refreshments, event logistics, and the furnishing of reading materials themselves.

$125 CoolxDad Mindful Wellness Check-in: Fatherhood and the stresses associated with providing a young human being the best care that a CoolxDad can offer can often distract from the necessities of care for one’s mental health. $125 can finance a CoolxDad to receive a talk therapy session to help heal, nourish, and expound on his mental and emotional health.

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